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3rd Annual Horizontal Drilling Canada 2014

"Great Event! Wonderful, world-class speakers! Thank you!"

Groundforce Drilling


73% of wells in Canada were drilled horizontally in the first quarter of 2014, up from 66% in the first quarter of 2013 and 55% in 2012.

But Canadian E&P companies are not only drilling more and more horizontal wells, they also drill longer and longer laterals and are simultaneously finding ways of driving down costs. With the pressure to drill faster and cheaper and the uncertainties, risks and opportunities that the advances in technology provide to drill longer and deeper it is critical to look at what E&P companies have done to increase ROP and achieve optimal cost-per-foot for horizontal drilling operations in the WCSB.

To help operators achieve these goals, the 3rd Annual Horizontal Drilling Canada 2014 brought together over 20 exclusively E&P operators, who shared case histories based on recent horizontal drilling operations in the WCSB, focused on applications in the Cardium, Montney, Duvernay, Horn River, Viking and Canadian Bakken. It will be the only congress 100% dedicated to drilling professionals working on horizontal wells in Canada's key basins.

Leading operators will be broke down the latest advances in horizontal drilling technologies and techniques, and determined what technologies work effectively for horizontal wells in terms of cost-per-foot, evaluated which drilling fluids can deliver higher ROP in which plays and evaluating how rotary steerable and directional tools  can be utilized to cost-effectively maximize production.

It was only congress in Canada focused exclusively on horizontal directional drilling key topics covered were:

  • IMPROVING ROP: Explaining how Canadian E&Ps have achieved improved rates of penetration to reduce the time of their horizontal drilling operations
  • DRILLING FLUID SELECTION: Comparing different water-based, oil-based and brine drilling fluids to determine the right fluid for different formations including the Montney, Duvernay, Cardium, Horn River and Viking to optimize ROP and minimize cost
  • ROTARY STEERABLE TOOLS: Examining what operators can do to optimize tool reliability when using rotary steerable tools in horizontal wells to avoid equipment failure
  • IMPACT OF VERTICAL DEPTH OF HORIZONTALS: Understanding The Impact Of True Vertical Depth On Horizontal Wells To Allow Canadian E&P's To Drill Deeper With Greater Confidence
  • STAYING IN THE ZONE: Explaining How An Operator Has Optimized The Use Of Directional Tools To Stay In The Zone During Horizontal Drilling And Achieve Improved Production Rates
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Canadian operators in the WCSB have made rapid advancements in their horizontal operations in 2014 including …

... improving ROP and determining the most cost-effective well lengths.  This year's edition of Canada's only congress 100% dedicated to drilling professionals working in horizontal operations in Canada will exclusively focus only on those experiences in the field from the last few months that have practically delivered cost reduction and time savings. Reflecting the fast-changing landscape of horizontal drilling in the WCSB, this year's agenda has shifted emphasis from last year to focus on:

IMPROVING ROP: Operators are now not only drilling longer horizontal wells, but have worked out how to dramatically increase ROP. This year's agenda will feature exclusive case studies on how improved ROP was achieved based on work done in the field over the last few months

INCREASED FOCUS ON DRILLING FLUIDS: To reflect the rapid breakthroughs in drilling fluid selection and optimization for horizontal drilling in the WCSB, this year's agenda will feature an extended centre-piece section entirely dedicated to drilling fluids, with three brand new case studies providing a play-by-play break down of the optimal drilling fluids for improving ROP in horizontal drilling operations

BRINE DRILLING FLUIDS CASE STUDY: For the first time a leading operator will explain how brine drilling fluids have successfully been harnessed to optimize ROP of horizontally drilled wells in the WCSB and how the associated corrosion issues were managed

ROTARY STEERABLE TOOLS: As operators both small and large have now seen practical success in using rotary steerable tools in the WCSB, they will explain how they ensured the reliability and cost-effectiveness required to make them worth the investment


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